Custom Maps
How to create a custom map

You can create a custom map by registering an account and then clicking on the navigation icon in the top right and under "Custom Maps" click on "Create".


Name: the name of your custom map.

Description: the description of your custom map.

Extends from: which default map background you wish to build your custom map on.

Add Group: Which group you wish to add to this map(None = no group), check the Groups section for more info on groups.

Extra Marker Slots: in case you've purchased/earned extra custom marker slots, you can use those here to increase the amount of custom markers you can place on this map(default is 50).

Share Publicly: If this option is enabled, you can share this map publicly with anyone via a shareable link which can be found here by clicking on the green "View" button in the "Public URL" column.

The options above can be edited at any time via the Dashboard

Registered user? click here to create a custom map!

New user? register an account here.

Custom Markers
How to create custom markers

Depending on your browser/device, you can create custom markers by:

Google Chrome: dragging a marker from the sidebar on the left anywhere on the map.

Firefox/Mobile: Click on a marker in the left sidebar then click anywhere on the map to place it.

Other browsers: Try both of the above, if none of them work please Contact Us and let us know which browser you're using(give as many details as possible as this will help us solve the issue faster).

Publish Marker
How to publish a custom marker and what it should be used for

You can publish a custom marker by clicking on the marker -> Edit -> Publish Marker.

If you can't see the button, make sure you're Publisher rank or higher.

Only publish custom markers after you've ran the following checklist:

Is this marker useful for the public map?
Example: I've added a Metal marker on a metal spawn on my custom Ragnarok map, should I publish it? Yes, since resources are the same on all servers, this would help out the community.
Example 2: I've added the location of my clan base to my custom map, should I publish it? No, your clan base is only there on the server you're playing on and thus isn't useful for the rest of the people who play on different servers.

Does the marker already exist on the public map?
Yes: Then obviously it shouldn't be added twice and thus is irrelevant, don't publish it.
No: Publish it! :)

Tip: adding expanded info to your marker with useful information about that marker greatly increases the chance of your marker being added to the public map!

Now, what do I get in return?

The rewards are fairly straight-forward, first of all you'll be credited as the creator of the marker on the public map, furthermore:

You can choose one of the following items as a reward(after your marker has been approved):

1 Custom Map Slot: If chosen, you can create 1 more custom map on your account(default is 2 per account).

5 Custom Markers: If chosen, you get 5 custom marker slots which you can use on any custom map(don't worry, if you delete the custom map and you've used extra slots on those maps, they'll be returned to your account!).

2 Shared User Slots: If chosen, you can add 2 more users to your groups and thus share your maps with 2 more friends/tribe/clanmates.

Additionally, you can request the Contributor/Contributor+/Contributor++/Contributor MVP Rank on our Discord Server, you'll get a rank according to how many markers you've published.

Public Maps
How to use a public map

There are several features to a public map.


Any marker group can be shown/hidden by clicking on that group in the legend/heatmaps in the side-bar on the left.

You can search for a specific marker via the Search bar in the top left.

Certain maps have GPS/Teleport Coordinate features, you can toggle these by clicking on the GPS and/or Teleport buttons in the bottom of your screen.

All markers/heatmarkers can be shown/hidden by clicking on the "Toggle All" button in the legend/heatmaps legend.

Shared Maps
(Privately) Shared Maps

A privately shared map is a map which you've shared with other registered users via the Group System.

Privately shared means only those who have been added to the group can view the custom maps to which that group has been assigned to, so if you've decided to kick someone from the clan/tribe and removed them from the group, even if they still have the link, they still can't access it.

Publicly Shared Maps

A publicly shared map can be viewed by anyone who has the link to that map(see "Custom Maps" on how to publish your map).

Anyone visiting your publicly shared map via the Public URL only has viewer rights and thus can't edit anything on your map.

Trial Account
What is the Trial Account?

You can login on the Trial Account by going to the Register Form and then click on the green Trial Account button.

The Trial Account can be used to explore all the features of a registered user without registering an account yourself.

The Trial Account has unlimited map/marker/shared user slots to explore the full potential of our services.

Please note, this account is accessible by anyone at any given time, it should only be used for testing/exploring purposes and it is highly advised to create your own account if you wish to create custom maps for your self/tribe/clan/.

What is a group?

You can add several users to a group, and then add that group to several custom maps.

Each individual user within a group has certain permissions which allows each user to perform specific tasks on the custom maps that the group has been assigned to.

Each new user gets the default Viewer rank, this can be edited on the group page.

Viewer: a viewer can only view a map, nothing more(similar to public maps).

Editor: an editor can edit markers on a custom map(eg move a marker, edit popup/tag/expanded info etc).

Publisher: a publisher is allowed to publish custom markers so they may be approved and added to public maps. A publisher is also allowed everything listed above.

Administrator: an administrator is allowed everything listed above aswell as add/kick users from the group and change the name of the group.

No matter the rank, the owner/creator of the group can never be removed or de-ranked.